Privacy & Sustainable Computing Lab

The increasing ubiquity of IT and data in corporate infrastructures and innovation endeavours, as well as the rising pervasiveness of computing in our daily lives, leads to the question how information systems can be build in a private, secure, ethical and value-driven manner. Current IT systems often fail to deliver on these requirements, commonly characterised as “soft” requirements, while aspects of technical functionality dominate.

The Privacy & Sustainable Computing Lab aims at setting new standards in research, education and practice to address ethical issues in computing. We are creating a lab with scientists from around the world working in a truly interdisciplinary way. Computer scientists shall work with psychologists, managers, social scientists, lawyers and philosophers on how to create an IT infrastructure and IT innovation that is ethical and trustworthy. To pass on the knowledge created, the Lab is heavily involved in global standardisation efforts together with organisations such as the W3C and IEEE from the start.

The Lab will co-operate with recognised NGOs to promote the work of activists. A core goal of the lab is to promote open, free, private, secure and sustainable technologies. For this reason, the lab engages in active co-operation with NGOs that pursue these same goals.